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Paardevlei Pain Program is here


  • To empower patients in the Helderberg area, suffering with acute and chronic pain, with the necessary tools and knowledge to return to a fulfilled life, based on the latest research in the understanding of pain.


  • To facilitate modern pain science interventions among all health-care providers in the Helderberg area.

A little bit about pain..

Pain is appropriate when there is an acute injury to protect damaged tissues, but once they have healed, it is no longer an appropriate response and it affects your life in many ways.

When pain becomes persistent, we need to explore the reasons for this and ways to intervene. Sometimes people with persistent pain have ideas and behaviours, which are unhelpful for the resolution of his / her problem in the long term.

Our program has been designed to..

1) Help you get a better understanding of pain through Therapeutic Neuroscience Education and to help you realize that pain does not always indicate tissue damage.

2) Intervene with Physiotherapy modalities which might include:

Therapeutic Neuroscience Education

Aerobic Exercise

General stabilization



Dietary Advice

Sleep Hygiene


Coping Skills

Social Interaction

Manual Therapy

Aquatic therapy

Exercise Therapy (individual or group)

Collaborative Value-based Goal Setting

Graded Motor Imagery

Mindfulness and other modalities

3) Help you change pain behaviour and offer you a support system to re-enforce what you have learned.

4) Reframe your beliefs and behaviours that contribute to how you experience pain.

5) Help you to return to your previous life goals or a fulfilled, purposeful and meaningful life.

Our Physiotherapists work closely with a multidisciplinary team, including a Rheumatologist, Spinal Orthopaedic Surgeon, Biokineticist, Occupational Therapist, Phytotherapist, Clinical Psychologist, Dietitian, General Practitioner, Anaesthetist and other health care providers. When necessary, patients are referred to the appropriate health care providers in our multidisciplinary team, to provide patients with the best care and support they need.